15 Weird & Deep Shower Thoughts That Left Us In Awe

deep shower thoughts
deep shower thoughts

Are we supposed to feel sad that deep shower thoughts are only limited to the shower? I mean why don’t we have these thoughts at other times? Like questioning our existence, and how sneaky the govt. can get. These questions should be asked regularly but nope! Instead, we’re busy calculating our monthly wages, deciding whether I want the linen curtains or not. So, ultimately and unfortunately the shower is the only place where these deep thoughts grow.

Imagine if an ant would just stop from its daily dose of hard work collecting food and starts thinking, ‘If we tried hard enough, we could invade the humans’. Okay, this is getting crazier by the minute!

To put it this way, this is the serious side of the deep shower thoughts, but we also have the ones which might completely go out of hand like the ants. One can only wonder where these silly and weird thoughts stem from, like can someone please check if the humans are alright?!


The first of the lot, I always start strong with just the right amount of conspiracy plots.


Deep Shower Thoughts

This, I can safely say that I vouch for it. So no, you’re never gonna see my calculator.


Weird Shower Thoughts

Yeah, It is true you know. It is what it is, like it or not.

by lastlived1

Deep Shower Thoughts

This one is really deep, offensiveness is a tricky business I still don’t understand it till now.


Weird Shower Thoughts

Oh no! What if it is true? Seems like I’m not the only one going crazy.


Truth hurts they said. In this case, it doesn’t even. We’re all guilty by nature.


Now all I think about is, is that how they invented these words?


Oh, this one is deep, the horror for the future detectives, eliminating away layer by layer.


Still not and will never, and I ain’t even curious.


Then who is using them? Present us really need to think twice.


But we will still do whatever it takes to climb up to that and cry the rest of our lives.


I know this is a horror, but trust me that’s what we all feel.


Oh, man! Who thought about this? I don’t wanna say much but I have a grin on my face. Guilty again.


See, there is no such word as ugly. Its just the types that matters.


No, I do not wanna be clubbed together that way, my hard work deserves much better.


I know what ya’ll are thinking right now, ‘that who the hell is even buying these weird stock images’, right? That’s exactly what’s lingering in my mind as well. Honestly, the internet is a weird world and we can’t blame anyone for it. Anyone can think that this is okay! Well, for whatever is worth we at least got to entertain ourselves with these hilarious images.

If you have nastier shower thoughts, I’m all ears to that.

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