The Exact Moment Captured When A Squirrel Smells a Bright Daisy


A picture is worth a million words, I think this phrase can’t be more relatable than this golden wildlife photography moment.

Dick Van Duijn is a 34-year-old wildlife photographer. He has an eye for capturing ecstatic moments of animals of the wild. From his collection of work, one can identify the crisps quality he maintains, and how intricate the pictures are. It is almost as if you could read the mind of the animals through the photographs.

Animals have their own pace and speed. Their sole purpose of existence within their ecosystem is all connected to the circle of life of nature. And for a human to have that knack of an eye to capture these moments into still pictures is really a treat for the human eye.


Duijn’s work has been featured on famous news outlets like CNN, NBC, FOX, and Daily Mail. Recently his collection of the red squirrel has been making noises on the internet. It took his work to the next level with the uproar fandom.

Here are some of his amazing snaps of the quick little creature.

Always on its tippy toes ready for the next hop to collect more nuts.


And there it goes, hopping away.

Can you see its claws ready to cling into the next object it finds on its way.

It landed on a patch of land and it sees its glorious nut.

Look at that tail, arching to its utmost curve. You can see the auburn color through and through.


Food is just the same for all of us. We definitely go nuts when we see the nut.

Its in the water now, doesn’t seem to care though, since it has the walnut.

And now, here’s the part where your heart melts and we can’t do anything about it.

Just embrace it, okay?

It notices the softness of the petals and feels it.

It must be so mesmerized by the daisy. The expression on this picture is out of this world.

Then out of sheer curiosity it goes in to take a sniff.

Look at it being so delicate with the flower. Almost as if it wants to communicate with it.

And that’s when it realized this is it, this is what they call nature’s aroma.

This picture is utterly adorable we can’t handle it.

The photographer explains, “There were a lot of curious squirrels, so it was not hard to photograph them, but to capture one with a flower like this took a lot of patience and shots. The moment the squirrel smelled the flower and planted his face in the flower, I knew this was the picture of a lifetime!”

Here are two of them sharing a Dandelion.

One of them saying, “Are you done yet? I want to sniff too”.

Look at this one that looks like it has a mohawk.

Must be the rocker one in the scurry and definitely the planner.

Are you still looking for your nut Mr. Red Furry?

It seems like it is on top of the water surface though it is on the edge. The perfect angle and framing of the picture make it seem that way.

Don adds on how he got the inspiration to take these photographs, “I saw pictures of these adorable animals from other photographers and wanted to photograph them myself. Because I like flowers and animals, I tried to combine them. I am always looking for ways to capture nature in its most unaffected form.”

It’s all in the experiences, knowledge, and time that creates such magical pictures like these.

To check out more of his work click here dickvanduijn


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