10 Smart Hacks To Change Your Cleaning Game Forever

cleaning tricks
cleaning tricks

Let me just put it out there, cleaning is a task! No one likes it apart from the few people who are obsessed with cleaning. But there is always a simpler and smarter way to do things and that’s where these easy DIY cleaning hacks will come in handy.

While cleaning can be very therapeutic it can also come with a good amount of price for all those cleaning supplies. They have a freaking designated aisle for it in the stores and it isn’t always budget-friendly. Now, that is the reason why I am collating these easy DIY hacks. All you need are simple daily kitchen supplies and a little bit of conviction.

You know we’re a team here, and all I wanna do is help you out. I know it can be hard, coming from a person who lives all alone for the past 5 years.


1. Having a hard time cleaning out your oven? Fear not, as long as we have lemons!

Grab your lemon essential oils, mix them with one cup each of water and vinegar. Pop them in a bottle and spray your oven, leave it for a while, and wipe them clean. The lemon not only helps in emulsifying the oil accumulated in the oven but also keeps the interior fresh.

2. For heavier stains, use baking soda in the process.

Just sprinkle some baking soda wherever the stains are and then spray with the same mixture of liquid and scrub it clean. This will easily detach all the gunk from the surface and now you have a squeaky clean oven.


3. The true art of wiping clean ceiling fans the right way.

So, the secret key here is to use pillowcases. You know how cleaning the fan can literally result in cleaning the whole room due to the dust falling everywhere. Grab an old pillowcase, insert it and start wiping. All the dust will end up collecting in the case and you’re welcome!

4. Who can tolerate the weird smell coming from the upholstery, right?

It is such a turn-off when you walk into a house and get bombarded by that weird smell, it’s very unwelcoming. If you want to avoid the same for your living room do this. Mix vinegar with your favorite essential oil, spray it and leave it to dry. After that vacuum it. It does wonder I tell you.


5. You need to clean your glass windows but you ran out of cleaning supplies, wait we can fix that too!

All you need is a mixture of white vinegar, distilled water, and any essential oil of your liking. Wipe that glass clean and now it’s all crystal clear and smells great.

6. That foggy annoying water stains on the shower glass.

The solution here is shaving cream. Apply it properly on the surface and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes long, then wipe it clean. Now your shower glass will actually look like a glass and not opaque.

7. The bully of the carpet stains, one story that will haunt us till the end of time.

Now, this is an issue we all face and hate to clean because it really is a task. But we do have an easy route, and the answer is alcohol. First, blot the stain thoroughly, and then pour the alcohol, preferably vodka or any other rubbing alcohol. It also helps in disinfecting as well.

8. Did you know that olive oil can also be used as a cleaning agent?

So olive oil is a great surface cleaner when it comes to stainless steel, pots and pans, etc. By simply applying it to cover the whole surface and then wiping it off, the surface will be all clean and crisps.

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9. Oh how the cleaning of toilets can take a toll on you, specially if you haven’t eaten yet.

Lets skip the cleaning because that’s something we all know, the part I wanna tell you is how to keep them shiny and sparkling. The one ingredient you need is essential oil. Rub the oil onto the surfaces and wipe them away as much as you can.

10. One for the pet parents and their lovely furry friends who shed their hair everywhere.

When rubber is rubbed against fabric it generates electricity which sticks the hair onto the gloves. This way you can collect them easily and drain out in the tap, collect the hair and dispose it.


I hope you find these easy DIY tips helpful, let me know if it does any good and makes your life easier. Also, share with us your tips and tricks, we want all the help we can get.

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