How To Effectively Reduce Your Screen Time During This Pandemic


During this pandemic who would’ve thought our eyes would be fighting their own battles with excessive ‘Screen Time’.

The constant growth of apps popping up everywhere compelling us to overuse them, and to what end? Just to move on to the next app.

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So, the common nemesis here is our ‘Screen Time’ which is affecting us badly. Be it scientifically, physically, or mentally. I mean, I don’t really remember the last time I actually said ‘Hi’ to an actual human being. All I do is paint some Barbie’s nails on a game app, then find myself watching homicide documentaries, how did I even end up here?

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If my eyes could talk, they’d be packing their bags and say, ‘Hey we’re leaving you and heading to the Bahamas’. Yeah, that’s where we’re at now.

So, here I am peaking from the Rabbit Hole of Apps to give you guys ways to cut down screen time after evaluating whether it actually works or not. Trust me, I am as guilty as you are My Lord!


The first way to accept this crime that you’ve committed is to check how many times you pick your phone up in a day.

If you’re using IOS, go to settings, click on ‘screen time’, then again on ‘see all activity’, and below you’ll find the number of your pickups. You’ll actually see how many times you literally picked up your phone to check anything on it. If it hits over 100, you’re at a high level. Your goal is to try and bring it down to 50, and then so on. If you happen to work on a phone that’s a different case so your numbers will vary.

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For android users you can use this link to check the same.


The second step is to fish and delete, and nope, no second thoughts are allowed here.

Let me tell you one thing, just this once! If you think you need a folder to store your game apps, and another one for random stuff, honey this day is never gonna end. So, please be a sport and delete what you have to delete unless you really need them. You know you the best so go ahead and choose wisely for your precious time.

Now that we’re done cleaning your screen, let’s tidy up the ones that you are left with.

Turn off all notifications of your major apps before bedtime.

Science tells us that we need at least 6 hours of sleep to lead a normal healthy life. But, the truth is those 2 hours of screen time in bed will now screw up the entire next day and the cycle keeps going. Just turn it off and see, give it a day or two and you’ll eventually get a hang of it.

Whoever said TV doesn’t count, tell that to my droopy red eyes.

Television is as much fault when you don’t follow any decent schedule. What I try to do is only watch tv sitting on the couch. Never make the mistake of watching it from the bed, that’s just insanely addictive. If you have a tv in your bedroom, move it to the living room or any other room. I don’t care! I really don’t. If it ruins your existing wall, well put some wallpaper on it. That wall isn’t more important than your health.


I just wanted to add this point because it just makes me so uncomfortable when babies are made to watch iPad.

Some parents are like, ‘Oh my baby is so chill, all she needs is an iPad and she’ll never bother you.’ I mean, what you’re using as a method to distract them is in return gonna strain their eyes at a very young age, and can you imagine how screwed up that is?

Screen time for babies should really be restricted to the minimum as much as possible. Keep a timer if you’re a busy parent. Make them adapt to the schedule that this is only how much they’ll get.

Last but not the least, at the end of the day it’s your health and your well-being.

I know it’s very hard to stay away from the block of the computer that controls your whole day. Just try it day by day, gradually if not all, you’ll at least be cutting down sometime for more things to do, or maybe not, just take a nap, will you?!?

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