Photographer Projects Slightly Eerie Virtual Intimacy Amidst Global Lockdown


In the world we are living in today or more so trapped, humanity has come to a big halt. It is almost impossible to complete our simple daily tasks and chores. So imagine how hard it must be for those whose work is all based upon physical presence.

Karman Gave a photographer based in Moscow, as enthusiastic about his work as any of us, manages to continue what he does best even in these harsh conditions. Using Facetime and Skype with a dash of projection he creates virtual intimacy. To see his works may give you a hard punch in the gut realizing where we have ended up, but it’s our sore reality now and we gotta live with it.

His project is called “There are so many ghosts at my spot“.

In his words, “‘There are so many ghosts at my spot’ is a story about something genuine, real. This project is about self-isolation and the human need for everyday intimacy. This is a story about people from different parts of the world who, despite quarantine and new realities, need communication and human contact even more.”


It is almost as if he teleported his model to his place for a moment in time.

If you know the time you share is the same, does space really matter, even if you are here and the other person is there?

Or is the physical intimacy crucial as it has always been?

Karman adds, “No, it’s not just about drawing a projection. Communicate, interact, without embellishment tell a full story, that’s what I’m talking about.”


You do what you do. But the beauty of life is sharing those private moments.

It all comes down to longing for that presence because we were not built to be alone but to co-exist together.

Karman talks about how this project may seem so genuine but he explains how hardly real it is.

“Despite everything, online shooting is hardly real. Photographers just take screenshots while the models set the angle and, in fact, take on the main work. Yes, there are those who shoot the screen on the camera, it is more obscured, but they lose a lot.”


The movie time is the worst. When you need a buddy badly.

Yes, most of us like to watch a show or movie alone because we want all our concentration poured on to it. But how much can you do it alone? There’s always a number and it comes sooner than you think.

Sometimes all you need is a cig partner and that’s it, nothing more or less.

It’s isn’t always about the talking or the comfort in someone’s arms, it can just be a figure right next to you saying nothing. Believe it or not but that just might be what you actually need.

The virtual dinner date. This is highly likely to be the future of humanity.

As much as silence goes a long way, talking and discussions are as important too. It could be with your family, partners, and friends, or even strangers.

Karman explains furthers, “The technology we are used to can always be “reinvented.” The ability to shoot on Facetime and Skype was about 5 years ago, but only now it does not seem so flashy. A photoset with people at a distance causes a feeling of burning awkwardness, as if we were all back to zero, and just trying to take selfies to condemn the glances of onlookers.”

It is now more so than ever that we have embraced the virtual existence and its indeed the only way until further notice of course. Who would’ve thought this would be our reality, right? Another ticked off from the ‘wildest dreams’ list.

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