13 People Who’re Ace-ing The Quarantine Life Like A Pro


We really don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that even in these hard times so many of you won’t stop amusing us. Well, at some point it is positive because it gives us a relief of the tensions we have in our minds. It keeps us laughing and makes us forget the stress for a while.

The interesting part is that we definitely figured out that no matter what hits us, the human race will never cease to amaze us in any way. So, even though you’re bored of the quarantine life, your fellow peeps might just be the entertainment you need. They’ll for sure enlighten your mood.

You know what they say, even if you think you’re free you’re not really free. Because its the millennial age and a pandemic just can’t stop us from going crazy. So, have fun reading!


This reporter is definitely a Swiftie.

That lyrics though, perfectly culminates the situation that we are in right now.

People are going to lose their minds when they see this for the first time.

Just a random glitch, his poker face though. Who else here is rooting for those glasses?


When you get creative and make your own Ice pops at home.

But this one is of alcohol, experiments as its best level.


If this isn’t how you utilize your technology, why do you even have it?

Just the dedication in it is worth a standing ovation. Just hoping he doesn’t switch to the big knife.

The Jay-Z fan in you will make you do things, many things.

And the outcomes might be useful and creative. Also, how many of you thought this is a CD?

Who is this brother? The Disney addict in us is full of joy.

And he definitely nailed the details. The ‘Unties’ will be proud.

Is it Harry Styles enough??

The outfit is on point though, Harry should see this. This girl has some real talent up her sleeves.

There is always a way of doing something romantic and earning on the sideline.

And she did get a away with it. The wife is a mastermind.

The cutest picnic table ever.

And the squirrel isn’t wasting any time not using it. Where is his partner though?

When you are creative enough nothing can really be your obstacle.

Just chugging down some alcohol. They said its the best sanitizer.

Being idle can really make you do great things.

The dog has its own space now. The human is most likely to be invited.

This looks so cozy, who knew the balcony has such potentials.

The fairy lights did its job. So sad for those people who were like, “Nah…we don’t really need a balcony”. Well, now you want one.

A retractable roof, are you kidding me?

Some of you are definitely jealous out there, like us. Also, is rich quarantine really a quarantine, like does it even count?

Who would’ve thought we would be in this situation. Most of us thought that the big 2020 would be amazing. Nothing is really predictable but then again some scientists did warn something like this would eventually happen. Yeah, we just didn’t think it would happen on this planet. That was supposed to be a joke.

Anyways, since we really don’t have a choice all we can do is maintain distance and hope it’ll all rest soon. The digital world is still safe enough so let’s all have some faith that it’ll keep on entertaining us in quarantine style. Stay in and stay safe.


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