My Top 3 Picks For The Most Fashionable and Entertaining Influencers


It’s been a hot minute since I sat down and really thought about the people I look up to on social media. The list does change I swear, kid me not!

In this modern digital age where we are bombarded with information and entertainment from every angle, it is quite hard to form an authentic taste of your own. Every day we see new creators, stories, incidents, etc. so it does get a bit saturated. However, even in the wildest storm of colorful people popping up on our screen, there will be some who will penetrate through our bubble and inspire us. Their lifestyle and choices influence ours, and we feel like we know them.

Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have taken over our lives but I’m grateful too because I got to know many creators whom I relate to artistically.


Even though I’ve said that my list keeps changing, there are a few creators who will always have a special place in my heart, phone, and computer. They are the ones that entertain me and make me feel elevated, motivated, and inspired. Without further ado, these are my top three influencers.

Let’s first anoint the list with the Dior queen of neutrals Miss Kelsey Simone.

Kelsey was born in New York in 1999 and is an only child to her parents. She started her journey on youtube in 2014 as a makeup/fashion YouTuber. I have been following her since the time she had jet black hair. Back then she had a grungier but poised look, which I loved. Today, she has evolved beautifully and has more influence than ever. Her style now is more of girly natural beauty with classic styles that never go out of fashion. Her favorite color is white and so is mine. Currently, she has 941k followers on Instagram and 1.66M subscribers on YouTube (as of July 2021).


Back in 2014, Kelsey’s channel was more about make-up and cute styling tips.

She was 15-16 at the time and her style definitely made her stand out. The video of her that caught my attention was the one with the Prom GRWM, and the rest is history.

Initially, I thought her natural hair is black but to my surprise, she is a brunette and a lovely one at that.

What I loved back then about her and still do today is how genuine she comes off on camera. She does have that preppy high-maintenance personality but at the same time such a sweetheart. Sometimes, the camera does tend to pick up certain things and make you seem like an entirely different person, but in her case, it doesn’t at all.


Her style today, and how she is the epitome of European Romantic Beauty.

I’d say a mixture of the French classic, romantic, and effortless naturalist. She has grown into a woman whom I can still relate to in terms of style and lifestyle. It’s serene and peaceful to watch her put together some amazing outfits that’ll work on any body type.


What I love about her work and how she inspires my style.

She’s a shorty just like me, both of us are 5.2. It sucks sometimes when you don’t have the height, but she inspires me to cut myself some slack. She is very vocal about her height and accepts the fact that there’s nothing you can do about it other than love it.


Here’s a recreation I did of her recent outfit.

Her monochromatic taste and styling tips helped me a lot in terms of finding my own pace. My favorites works of hers are the Trend Alert videos on youtube. I’m telling you, she is the style guru that made me know better to choose better.

What I wore: H&M Brock Collection Corset Top, H&M Wide Jeans & H&M Heeled Sandals.

Follow Kelsey Simone here:

Instagram: k.els.e.y Youtube: Kelysey Simone

And the Best-Dressed award goes to Miss Ashley Rous.

Ashley is one of those characters that pop up in your magical/theatrical mind with a sassy style and end up teaching you a thing or two about reality and life. She definitely was that person for me and will always be.

She was born to her first-gen immigrant parents of British and Burmese/Chinese descent on May 4, 1998, in Maryland. She comes from a highly academic background which is proof of how she managed to graduate one and a half years early from the UCLA Film department. It’s all in the genes man!


Her YouTube journey started in 2015 at the age of 17.

She started out in the very same way as other fashion/lifestyle channels. Her videos were mostly about styling thrifted items. Slowly she started gaining more and more engagements and by the time she graduated from high school and moved to LA for college things really took off.


2019 was her prime moment. She became even bigger and better.

People started to recognize why Ashley’s work stood out from all the others. Her attention to detail is immaculate. The way she vocalizes in her videos and sings word to word about her fashion taste isn’t something we’ve seen before. Also, her editing skill is a killer of course her being a film major. Her timing with the dry humor and how she just sits down in the middle of a video and speaks her mind so elaborately was so raw and fresh.


What I personally love about her work.

The videos she put out are definitely unique when it comes to outlay, editing, raw footage, and style of addressing the camera. Well, her fashion taste is obviously amazing but what made her special is the mix of all her talents. You can tell that she definitely has the touch of a filmmaker, her filming style makes you feel like you actually are her friend sitting in the room looking at the outfits she put together.


Where is BestDressed now and why she stopped posting since January 2021.

Today her stats are 1.6M followers on IG and 3.79M subscribers on YouTube (as of July 2021). Ashley has always been vocal about sustainability and shared her thoughts about the capitalist society in mass industries. She is famous for thrifting and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle in the choices she makes. But, eventually, when she became big, huge brand deals that she worked with weren’t accepted well by her viewers. They started criticizing her stand on her previous claims about sustainable fashion/lifestyle. They deemed it hypocritical as these brands are known as ‘Modern Slavery’.


Is Best.dressed problematic? What I really think the problem is.

See, to be honest, in a world like today, we are all entitled to have our own thoughts and opinions. And I do get it that a person that has a huge public eye daunting on them can be cursed when they think out loud and how they can be silenced or restricted by the majority. What she spoke in her videos is what she feels and believes in. Are we a victim of mass production? Yes! Are we a victim of this vicious cycle? Yes! Do we acknowledge it but are still stuck in the cycle? Yes, definitely yes, and Ashley is one of them like all of us.

This isn’t hypocrisy. Just because she is self-aware and talks about a problem but cannot follow it through because the situation isn’t something she alone can solve, doesn’t mean she is a bad person. If you know, you know! Being aware and vocal about a problematic situation doesn’t always solve the problem. So, personally, I think her fans just blew out of proportion and she just stopped giving an F about it. (My personal thoughts)


Best.dressed glow-up post her controversial break from YT.

She is in NYC, moved out from her previous apartment. She is blossoming even better. She needed the break, dyed half her hair platinum blonde. She is very active on IG serving us some great lewks. She also went a little ‘cottage core’ for a while, loved it. This woman I believe will come back with a bang and that’s all I’m waiting for. I can’t wait to just see her low-key uploading her comeback video, filming herself sitting in her room talking about why she took a break and how she is back again. This girl has my respect!


Follow best.dressed aka Ashley here:

Instagram: best.dressed YouTube: bestdressed

The next creator that I look up to the most is non-other than Bretman Rock the baddest!

Singer, Song Writer, Actor, Actress, Athlete, Activist, A scientist on the M*****F**king side, The star of the crystal of the dayayayyayaayy, And a coconut water connoisseur.


Wow, where do we even start about Bretman. It’s a freaking cliff, I’m gonna need some Gatorade.

This soul right here, I might need to do a whole article just dedicated to him because there is so much I wanna say about him. To me he was and is my No. 1 social media influencer. And let me tell you, this man definitely got the narrative right on spot. The energy he ignites is something so pure and holistic. My favorite person on planet earth!


Bretman was born on July 31, 1998, in the Phillipines and moved to Hawaii at the age of 7.

He started out with comedic videos on vines and youtube, and in 2016 his video got viral and that was just the beginning of this electric of a man. His earlier videos were very cheeky, loud, funny, and adorable at the same time, I do not know how he does that. Obviously, it’s a natural talent, he is a gem and it seems like he is winning big time in life. Look at him now!

Current Stat: Instagram 17.1M YouTube: 8.75M


The secret to his stardom and fame. And is he really a narcisist?

I definitely do not believe he is a narcissist or whateva! Bretman does have a personality that stands out and intimidates the whole room, but to be honest, that’s just the energy of his soul. By heart, he is loving, caring, and giving. People like him tend to be loud and that’s all the world sees, so you can’t just navigate his whole personality from one direction. He definitely is a loving son, brother, uncle & cousin. And about his secret potion to stardom, the fact is he doesn’t have one. Bretman himself is the potion, nothing else!


What I adore about him, and why he is my No.1 favorite person.

This man has cultivated a whole kingdom just out of his personality. Him being a man of color in the LGBTQIA community, he hasn’t made anything about him being a gay man of color. Of course, he supports the community and is very vocal about racial indifference but that doesn’t limit his graph. He is just funny, perky, very smart, grounded, and a fashionista who happens to love make-up. And to date, he is that same person. Fame hasn’t shaken this man.


I found Bretman from one of his videos with his sister, and that’s how I started following him since and now MTV is following him too.


A dramatic Queen that only entertains his own Drama in Life.

Social media can be toxic, with most creators being compared or pitted against each other. But my man here be busy skateboarding in the hills of Hawaii and twerking away in his garden. He stays out of drama, girl, he doesn’t need it, and he knows it too! One of the least controversial Leo sign influencers who needs nothing but a phone with a camera. That’s the tea he serves.


The bizarre Avant garde style of Bretman Rock.

His style is evolving rapidly and I can’t keep up, uh! He definitely had a knack for fashion in his early days too, by the way, his glow-up really did him good. I’d define his choice right now as very organic in terms of styling, I feel like he finds inspiration from art and culture around him. He can be basic but also scream color the next hour. I love his current choices of outfits, a manly effeminate silhouette.


Last but not least, I’d like to add that there are very few people that touch your heart, he is definitely one of them for me.

He is always doing something new, I know it must be a pressure to come up with original ideas and content, or maybe for him, it comes naturally. I hope he always sticks around to entertain us, eventually he might retire someday, but hoping that never happens. I wish to meet him someday if possible.


Follow Bretman Rock here:

Instagram: bretmanrock YouTube: Bretman Rock

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