Interior Decor Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Look Better Than Ever

interior decor ideas
interior decor ideas

So, recently my friend and I were discussing on my blog. She shared an idea and told me to write about interior decor ideas for bedrooms. Instantly, I knew it was something I’d love to explore since I love interior decorating, so thanks to my friend for giving me such a great idea.

Nowadays, there isn’t much of a right or wrong way of playing with decor. Especially with bedrooms, it is a personal space, so you can literally do whatever you want and no one has the right to judge you. But, having said that, what’s the harm in getting some inspiration from the internet if you need the help, because styling a bedroom isn’t that easy. It needs to reflect your personality, just like your sense of style.

I have curated some of the themes and vibes I really love. Also, inserted some highlighted areas and pieces that stood out for me. A little help here and there could go a long way. Trust me, they are super cute! You will definitely find something you like here.


Okay, let’s start with basic wall decor.

A simple wooden plank shelf is a multi-useful storage space and wall decor. You can style them in so many ways, plants are my personal favorite. Also, you can always add something below them, as they did here with some fairy lights and photo grid moments.

For those who love to binge-watch and stay in all day.

You can always use any wall in your room or even a sloped ceiling like this one. Creating a border with fairy lights definitely adds an extra element of coziness. Bunch of cushions and blankets to spread your arms and legs around.


Mid-century modern touch with this one-of-a-kind mirror.

There are certain pieces that stand out in a room, and most of the time you build a theme around that significant piece. This mirror is definitely that piece. It needs that space and will surely elevate the whole aesthetic of the room when paired with pieces that go well with it.

70’s inspired splash of loud colours.

First things first, there is a pattern with loud colors, certain types of color schemes that work well with each other. You see how smartly she kept the walls simple, and how she played with the colors on the floor. It’s all about balance, you need to pick a spot and keep the strong colors there. Add a little color here and there, and that’s it!


Another 70’s look-back on a tiny counter area.

I love the colorful mugs and bottles used here. You can see a lot of pastel colors here, but the objects used are all small in size, meaning you can add as much as you want but also keep in mind how you balance them out with the whole space.

A corner shelf inspired by a tree and made from a tree.

If you love to incorporate wooden decor in its natural state this is an amazing way to do it.

If you’re a reader and want that quiet space for it, this might help.

It’s always nice to have a segregated space for reading as it can get very meditating and inspiring. A comfortable sitting arrangement is the most important part, then you can add a bookshelf or two, a rug, and other small pieces to tie it together.

I’ve been seeing this floral wall art everywhere. They’re very soothing.

You can use fake florals to make it last forever. Pick colors that come from the same family. You can go for earthy tones if you want a boho theme or pastel colors for a girly look. Also, you can create patterns with these floral arrangements.

Clothing racks on display.

They’re a crowd favorite, almost every other influencer has a clothing rack on display. Clothing racks can be tricky because they do take up space more than you think. It’s important to understand the layout of your room first so as to install them. Styling them is pretty simple, pick a theme and arrange your placements around them. Always choose the best angle to display them.

Ooh! My favorite, ceiling curtains, and drapes.

So these curtains don’t serve the purpose of a basic curtain, they’re mainly used for aesthetic styling, covering of bed space, and dividing spaces. If you love the European romantic aesthetic you will adore them, they give such a Shakespearian vibe.

Modern abstract lighting elements.

All you need is a lamp that has a lens that reflects its ray on the wall and creates a mural-like pattern in ombre colors. This lamp is available on Amazon. The style is a very modern one that features all things minimal with a pop of colors that acts as the main piece. It’s definitely the Gen Z moment.

For those who love floral, this is one fun style you can adapt.

For a summary cheerful look, you can get a bunch of colorful flowers, stack them in bottles, and use them as art for any corner in your room.

The pastel queens and kings, this is for you!

A study corner in a pastel pallet. There are many color blocking going on in here, many striking block letters too. The choice of furniture is very smart as it isn’t chunky and bold because the focus here is the color.

Wow! I know right? I’m not a boho person but this looks so peaceful.

This style is actually really simple and achievable. The pieces are all easily available products. All you need is to be a nature lover at heart because this is hardcore nature.

If you’re aware of minimalism, then I hope you’re also aware of maximalism.

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. The secret here is the choice of colors that work well together, lay-out, and sizes of the pieces you use. Maximalist wall art is very trendy right now. I see them all over the internet, and I must say they’re quite addictive.

I hope you absorbed as much as you could. Now go and spread some creative love at your homes, and do tag us. Thanks for staying till the very end.

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