Hideous Y2K Fashion That Should Forever Remain In The Grave

y2k fashion
y2k fashion

Summer 2021 was all about the craze over some golden Y2K hits resurfacing from the archives. If you have been sleeping inside a cave; Y2K fashion means early 2000’s fashion trends.

Having a comeback and reliving those trends sounds fun but while we had our days we also wanna bury some memories from the past. To be exact, some fashion choices we all fell for and regret later. Some of us were clenching our jaw when we saw the ‘low-waist nightmare’ sneakily presenting itself back into our lives, but then again it was the least problematic trend of the time.

What would be more problematic are the…..wait! Let’s save it for the grand reveal below ok!


What I mean is, the low-waisted denim and pants looked appealing on models even though the majority of us don’t feel very comfortable with them. The main trends which I am going to show you today are the ones that even top models and celebrities can’t do much justice with it. And trust me when I say this, these trends are so weird and hideous that there has been no human born or will ever to make these trends justifiable.

Presenting you the haunting chills of Y2K Fashion Trends that should forever sleep in their tomb.


Bejewelled Denim, don’t get me wrong I love rhinestones, but…….

I have so many things I can say about these outfits, but why are the jewels holding the rip together?

Lo and behold the Low-Waist Nightmare Queen, Resurrected!

This is a popular trend that is coming back from the grave. And I think a lot of us don’t want it but really can’t do anything about it.


Massive and tacky belts that can whip you right into Fashion Jail.

This gives me an itch and not a good one. As a pre-teen I had beaded belts but not like this kind, I guess I was smart enough to not fall for it at the time too.

Y2K Fashion
L. Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images

Okay, so who said dress over denim was passable? Like, I wanna know who gave the authority to this going mainstream?

If Jessica Alba can’t make this look right, we’re all probably doomed with this trend. I wonder who came up with this trend?

What is the madness with asymmetric hemline dresses? I don’t care what colour it may come in, it’s never appealing.

I had a skirt with hems like these, but that was in the ’90s, so don’t know why it came back in the 2000s again.

Leggings over dresses, to be honest I used to wear them too. Don’t come at me, sometimes we surprise ourselves too okay!

I think this trend was very popular among the majority of us because it was very comfortable and we could get away with wearing the shortest dresses and not get catcalled. Sorry but not sorry!

y2k style
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The craze over Von Dutch. I get it, it was a brand that was the talk of the town at the time, but for what exactly?

No hate no shade but personally, it looks tacky to me. Slamming the brand name across the product isn’t really pleasing to the eye. I know it’s famous with streetwear garments but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And you know which category this falls into.

Another brand that took over the 2000’s with a whirlwind, and I never wanted that tornado to even cross my street.

Kim, I know you agree with me too. Probably the material of their garments must be great but not gonna agree with the prints. Not that I hate prints, I love them, but that doesn’t mean any print works with any colour. There should be some sort of colour combination.

The metallic make-up are back at it again.

We have no control over what comes around but we hope and pray that it doesn’t look like this. Sorry Paris, your highlighted shadow will not make the cut!

The denim bag should never see the light of day.

It just cringes the hell out of me. Can we just leave the denim for apparel and not use them as accessories, please?

The unflattering below knee A-Line skirts.

This looks like my old catholic school uniform skirts minus the prints. Man, this reminds me of days I don’t wanna remember.

I see two trends here that were very popular back then, but let’s just concentrate on one for now.

What’s with skinny scarves? It doesn’t serve its purpose plus it doesn’t look good. All I can think of is unnecessary accidents in the crowd, that thing is too long and can get caught anywhere.

Thank God I never dipped myself in this trend completely, it would’ve been a disaster.

Is it a line? A curve? An inverted tick mark? Like what in the world was this thin-line eyebrow trend? I feel naked looking at it.

If it’s the Y2K, how can we miss the famous Olsen twin homeless street-style fashion?

Far away from chic for obvious reason, I guess this was more of a ‘cry for help’ trend.

The oversized bag that can fit all your embarrassing moments in life.

I am okay with the size of tote bags, they’re functional too. But what is this horrendous size, like how are you going to carry it and where to? This just doesn’t make any sense at all.

A bonus for you with all the Y2K fashion trends I just talked about in one picture, can you imagine?

Honestly, not throwing any shade on any person here. I know we all make choices that may not please the majority, and it’s okay. I am just talking about it here because of how popular some trends were even though it didn’t look that appealing. Well, some may argue it was nicer back then, I agree, but we all grow and change our opinions on things. And I think these are mass opinions about similarly unliked trends which were once popular.

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