How to Give an Injection in Case of Emergency


We all know that it is not wise to do something which you aren’t 100% sure of, especially when it is concerned with someone’s health. But during a medical emergency, all you can think of is trying to help that someone and do the needful. The most important thing here is time, and while racing with time to save someone’s life all you’d wish to know are some of the basic medical procedures you could perform.

We know that CPR is considered to be one of the most common and famous procedures to save a life during emergencies. But there are some other procedures that are also equally important like Injections. Yes, you heard it right, if needed, you will even have to do it on yourself. So knowing where and how to inject safely is very important for obvious reasons.

Here are some of the important things you should know about Injection.


The first step is to prepare for the injection.

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  • Figure out first that you have the correct prescription of the dosage and the right sized of the syringe.
  • Wash your hands and wipe them with one-time use only napkins.
  • Get a plate or tray, sanitize it, and then place the items on it.
  • Choose a bright area to do this, let the patient lie down and relax. This way the muscle relaxes too.
  • Wear the gloves, sterile with alcohol.
  • Take a cotton swab, also sterile with alcohol.

The actual Injection part.

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  • You might have to warm up the medicine in case it runs cold.
  • Extract the medication out through the ampule. In case the vial is made of rubbery you will need to pierce it to draw the medicine out.
  • Change the needle after it as it can be blunt due to the piercing.
  • If you accidentally touch the needle, replace it.
  • Pu the syringe upwards and eject a little bit to remove the air bubbles.
  • And now, imagine a big cross on your on the patient’s butt cheeks.
  • The cross has to divide the buttock into 4 parts. 
  • Then inject the medicine into the upper outer part. This avoids hitting a nerve.

The steadiness of the hand and the right angle.

  • Once you’re all ready, take that antiseptic cotton swab and wipe the spot.
  • And from the center move to the edge.
  • The needle must be at a 90° angle to the surface of the skin.
  • Make a swift move and insert the needle. Approximately one-third of the needle should remain outside the body.
  • Now you can inject the medicine slowly.
  • Do not move or pull the syringe back and forth.
  • When you’re almost done injecting take antiseptic cotton swap on the skin near the injected area.
  • Remove the needle in one smooth move, and press the area with the antiseptic cotton swap.
  • Capped the needle and dispose of the parts properly.
  • Now you can go wash your hands. That’s about it!

It may look all the trickier when you need to inject yourself.

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  • Reaching your backside is difficult in this case so the thigh is the best spot.
  • Take a seat first and relax.
  • The middle of the thigh from the lateral side is where you’re going to inject.
  • The preparation process is just the same.
  • Pierce the skin perpendicularly.
  • For those who are on the skinnier side, you can make a fold of the skin and inject the medicine into it.

Please keep in mind that there shouldn’t be muscle but only fat in the fold.

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Notes: Never use a syringe more than once. Also, these demonstrations only apply to intramuscular injections which is one of the easiest ones. And in any case, always call a doctor first before you take matters into your own hands.


(h/t: BrightSide)


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