Funny Dad Jokes that No One Asked For

funny dad jokes

Through the years, Dad jokes have become so infamous that now they have their own designated place in the world of comedy and humor. Dad jokes to be simple and precise are the most literal section of humor that would actually make you laugh because it’s that bad. A middle-aged man telling a joke he assembled so enthusiastically that him telling the joke is way funnier than the actual joke. These dads are the burning torch for all the lifeless humor created on ‘Dad’ planet.

An Instagram handle purely dedicated to this kinda jokes with 1.9 million followers is @dadsaysjokes. Oh, you’re gonna thank me for this. You were asking for it, so here it is.

Peter Pan standing on the edge of a pirate’s ship ready to just jump into the water after hearing this joke.

Also, Wendy and the kids, imagine them in their nighties falling asleep and never finding Neverland after this. Tragic!


Let us all facepalm ourselves in sync because that is all that’s gonna happen.

I bet this Dad came up with this joke while barbecuing, I swear!

Your wife is definitely right, and we’re taking back your right to tell jokes.

This one is actually funny though.


I mean, can we all appreciate that this dad’s marriage is still intact.

Now I have a whole another respect for wives out there.

This joke had potential, but as I read the last word, I was like there goes another one in the pile.

These dad jokes are definitely increasing in numbers during quarantine, they could be spreading faster than the virus itself.


OMG…..did he just said that out loud?

See these are the ones I was talking about, deadly enough to just bring multiple weird expressions on your face.

And yet another one. How are these wives surviving?

They need the applaud man! To all the wives of the daddies with the best ‘dad jokes’, we hear your prayers and we are with you.

How do they come up with this literal word to word lame jokes? Like, how?

I don’t want it but I’m curious, who wouldn’t be?

Oh no, it got me, this one is also funny and cute at the same time.

Imagine this happening in the street for real.

Yeah, now we know how the women feel.

This dad is hugging his wife with no sense of realization then it hits him like a bullet in the head.

Let us all just take a deep breath and just let it go. You’re gonna need it, that deep breath.

Come on go ahead and read it.

We thought we could stay till the end but nuh-uh, nope!

I wonder how the doctor would react or wait! What if the doctor also tells lame jokes? This is gonna be a long phone call.

Maybe this is why 2-4 years old kids get along with their dads pretty well.

Because of that same level of IQ.

All I know is that the Elephant wants to go back into the forest and not in this dad joke.

Sometimes animals are dragged into this, they have no choice just like us.

Now this one deserves the long-awaited applaud that the dad jokes wanted.

Sometimes you will find gems underneath the rocks, enjoy it because they’re rare.

The Times had it coming that’s all we have to say in this matter.

My imagination is a curse sometimes, if you know what I mean.

Oh well, what other choices do we have anyway?

Let him tell his inside jokes in peace.

Well, that’ll last you enough for a while. And if you need more we’re not going anywhere.

(Credit: dadsaysjokes)


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