Cat’s Sneaky Paw-Action made him Insta-Famous


Even if you aren’t a cat person you are going to love this one. First of all, let’s say hi to Carrot the Cat.

Carrot is definitely cute, no lies there at all. He has had a little rough beginning but now, he is winning hearts all over the internet with a mere picture. I mean, this cat single-handedly ruled on social media like literally!

Here’s the picture of how it all started. Hungry cat for a little sneak that might just melt your heart.


Just reaching out for that piece through one of the scariest cracks in the kitchen and there’s even a sign that says “Check for cat arm b4 closing” inside the fridge. You can imagine that this must’ve happened quite a number of times. If I was a guest at their house and this happened to me, I’d be stunned too but also crack up a laugh immediately.

While you folks are scared that he might get hurt, well his owners have an entirely different story about it. “Carrot thinks it’s a game to stick his arm through the fridge crack and grab us while we are in there. The sign was put up as a reminder.” Yeah, so this is what he does on a normal basis. Just sticking out his paw and waiting for a reaction.


His family also explain how the picture was taken just at the spur of a moment and not staged,  “The photo was not staged, and we actually didn’t even think of taking the photo until we saw him do it with the sign and laughed at how perfect it was. If it was staged we would’ve cleaned out our fridge! Haha”

Carrot now has an Instagram account and all. The account is private, so we know he chooses his own family. Remember how I wrote above that he kinda had a rough start, well let’s hear it from the fam of how they first met Carrot.


“One of our best friends works at a local animal hospital. Someone found him at a gas station and brought him into the hospital. He was fostered for a bit by someone else but we suspect it wasn’t a good situation because he was very stressed and they ended up surrendering him back to the hospital. Carrot then lived at the hospital a couple of weeks, and our friend who worked there brought him over to our apartment one weekend when she was looking after him. It was pretty much love at first sight and we immediately bonded”

“We took him in to foster the following Monday and by Friday (less than a week later) we officially adopted him at 12 weeks! He is both of our first cat and our best friend and we feel extremely lucky to have found him.”

This orange tabby definitely was playing with his hoomans and it was the cutest thing we saw on the internet. It made us smile giving us more reason to be in awe of cats. They’re the kind of pet one needs while being locked up in our own houses. The cheer never dies with these little furry creatures.

You can follow Carrot here

(h/t: BoredPanda)


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