Artist Creates Magical Masterpieces by Blending People into Nature using Body Paints


Life on earth is a product of nature that exists in various shapes and sizes just like the high variety plate of surfaces it has. Believe it or not but that is the amazing similarity we have between nature and humans, the everlasting differences. The beauty of it all is the harmony that makes it even more special.

But isn’t it ironic how we’ve managed to come so far away from nature but also plan to reconnect with it at the expense of time and money?

Doing her bit to remind us of the roots we were built on, artist Trina Merry from Dallas brings us closer to the balance between nature and us, humans.


Her craft is of body paints, she uses human models, chooses a specific spot by going hiking and hunting for the perfect frame, and then creates her masterpieces.

Her main technique here is to blend the models into the frame of a picture and make it look invisible.

In her own words, “If camouflage is defined as ‘hiding or disguising the presence of a person, animal, or object,’ my art may be described as the ability to bring awareness to elements of life that have previously been camouflaged.”

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She also focuses on body-positivity by using models of different shapes ad sizes to work with.

She adds, “Nature’s beauty is wild, untamed, and free. We don’t square off a branch and say, ‘that needs to be fixed.’ We say that the whole thing is beautiful.”

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We are only but a piece of the mighty puzzle of nature.

Her work is to show us that what really matters is the acknowledgment of being the perfect canvas no matter what the bigger picture shows us.

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The precision and intricate details of execution will leave you mesmerized.

You can see how amazingly the three models fuses in with the texture of the tree. Its quite hard to even distinguish their legs.

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This one is from Easter Island, a remote volcanic island in Polynesia.

Trina says, “I had the incredible pleasure of painting alongside an indigenous body-painter. It was a dream come true for me to hike up the mountain, get the pigment from the earth, cut up the sugar cane, and mix everything with water to form body-paint.”

Spring in its abundance here. How can you not like this one?

In all her works you can see that the canvases are so well painted that for a second you wouldn’t recognize them.

This one here is from the Getty, an art museum in Getty Villa, California.

The blending technique here is just immaculate.

The man of the clouds and earth, The Great Pyramid of Giza.

It gives of a majestic vibes, doesn’t it?

Who would’ve thought of this version of the Golden Bridge?

The more you concentrate the more it looks like an illusion. And the mysteries of art lives on.

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Just when you think it couldn’t get better, look at this beauty.

The LA skyline, the buildings, just a beautiful piece all in all. Words can’t fathom its value.

Do we have time to reflect and bond with nature examining our raw yet soft similarities? Do we celebrate our differences enough?

Well, with artist Trina Merry’s extraordinary works we got the chance to see things and beyond. What a great talent indeed!

The real beauty we deny to see lies in every nook and corner of our surroundings. Nothing is ever really constant, only if you’re just curious enough, you might crack the possibility of appreciating the beauty of it all.

For more of her works visit here TrinaMerryArt


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