Passionate Artist Draws Incredible Portraits with Her Toes Defying Paralysis

It is true that when one really is determined to follow the path they chose for themselves nothing in this world or out of it can really stop them.

It is easy to think that power, money, health, and connections can take you to places where you want to land. But it is also true that if you’re talented and work very hard, that might just get you to your destination as well. Nothing can stop you once you’ve locked your path in the right direction.

The art and enthusiasm artist Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi brings into this world is something beautiful and courageous at the same time. Her extraordinary journey in life and career will inspire you undoubtedly.

The passion for painting began at an early age of 16. Her dream is to own a gallery so famous that everyone who visits Iran would come to see her work. Today, Fatemeh is 31 years old and the spark remains the same as ever. Even though she may be 85% paralyzed her will to achieve her dreams remains intact. With such a strong will power nothing could go wrong.

She has had multiple exhibitions in and around Tehran over the years. The people over there love and admire her work, more so her positive attitude towards life. But what made her career blow up is when she made a portrait of a famous Portuguese football player. Yeah, you’ll definitely know who we’re talking about here, Christiano Ronaldo.

It’s just out of imagination how good she is at her craft. Also, you’d be surprised to know that she draws with her two toes of her right foot. The level of intricate detail in her paintings is amazing.

Here is another one she drew of Lionel Messi the Argentine football player. She is a big fan of football, one can clearly see that.

In her own words, “My interest in football made me draw portraits of famous world football players, including Ronaldo and Messi. My friends helped me send a photo of the portraits to La Liga. La Liga appreciated this and sent me a Real T-shirt.”

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