Artist Takes On Afterlife As An Episode of Relatable Humour


When people say ‘Death is only but another portal taking us to the afterlife’, I take it with a large pinch of salt. Not trying to sound cynical about it but really, being so sure of something so unfathomable such as the afterlife is quite unimaginable.

Many of us may conclude that afterlife is the next big adventure but to an artist, it could be a bottomless pit of creativity as its complexity always attracts the human mind. There is an Instagram handle that is solely dedicated to this very topic. It goes by the name theimmortalgrind, and its tagline is “Chronicling the daily life of the afterlife.”

The comics in the profile have promising characters like the Grim Reaper, the Devil, and even God. This artist’s work is anything but something that you should definitely take with a pinch of salt, yeah laugh a little, it’s okay. If this is how the afterlife looks like we’re most likely to blend in well whenever the time comes.


It seems like hell is not so far away.

It’s hard to survive without WiFi nowadays. Who knows maybe we would be face-timing our buddies from down there. And if the connection is horrible, you’re good as dead. Oh well, that already happened.

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Imagine getting what you exactly asked for like word to word.

Careful what you wish for because genies always know how to twist your wishes.

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In light of Covid-19, it would be sinful to think that any artist wouldn’t find a way to reference the global situation in their art.

Its funny how Carol Baskins stole the limelight, isn’t it?

If this is what’s happening up there, God saves our souls.

Oh…..wait, he is very busy. Who saves our souls now?


That zoom call is as annoying even down in hell.

Also the methods are all same. Imagine the devil calling you up and its continuously buffering because WiFi sucks down there.

Wait, what!? The virus is as dangerous down here in hell too.

Well, when is this gonna stop? Where do they go now?

Oh, Henry, you are so naive. Also, good luck with forever and always.

Imagine this was actually true, quite daunting! Knowing for a fact that forever is possible.

We all have cat problems and the Reaper is no stranger too.

How can an animal be so cute and mean at the same time?

Men will be men, no matter on earth or as it is in hell.

By the way, search histories should always be private.

The beauty of not knowing makes you believe your world is the worse place.

But every realm has its own problems, and sometimes they might be similar to yours. Seriously, Tacos again?

Well someone had to do something about it.

Seems like Lucifer is taking the high road here.

This one really makes me wonder.

If they’re watching our shows and movies, oh the comments they would make at how petty the definition of the underworld is to humans.

Who would’ve thought but this is very possible in many ways.

Demons showing up in our human realm in disguise living among us. I mean we have seen many movies like the MIB exactly showing this but seriously, this is possible. Imagine coming in contact with one tiny depressed demon, you become friends and they start telling you about how they got here. Interesting, right?

Wow, this does explain a lot.

But come on we do need some cats up there to annoy people.

Remember how you asked for silly things while praying and wondered why it never got answered??

Well, this is exactly what happened. You’ve gotta ask for some meaningful things people! Like, how dumb are you? Remote? This was definitely my brother as a kid.

And a James Bond reference. We couldn’t have let that not to happen.

The Grim Reaper Vs James Bond. Its only gonna get real now.

For more click here theimmortalgrind



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