My name is Elangbam Deborah and I started this blog in 2020 during the pandemic as a place to share different kinds of articles ranging from entertainment, jokes, fashion, business, how-to articles, pop culture, heck even about aliens someday.

This website was created out of boredom and my brain having the need to lash out. Just kidding, I’ve always wanted a space where I can write anything I want and not have people tell me to restrict my fingers on certain words or stories. Nevertheless, I feel proud that I sought this through and finally did it, because, man! Procrastination is an ex I can’t move on from.

Basically, I’m inviting you to a nook in my brain where you’ll find all types of stories from around the globe that interest me and amaze you for just a few minutes. I seriously do not know where I am going with this but I do know that this is my safe place and you the readers get to see my garden of madness.

I wanted to get you here and I literally GotYouHere!
Keep visiting and stay entertained.

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